Chase Rhubarb Vodka

Quintessentially British and delectably sweet, Chase Rhubarb Vodka is delicately pink in colour with the scent of stewed rhubarb.
Slow cooked Hereford Rhubarb is distilled with the naturally sweet and creamy Chase Vodka in Chase's bespoke copper pot still. The resultant spirit is the further distilled a fourth time to infuse the flavours, before adding macerated fresh rhubarb and filtering to leave a delicate pink colour.

Nose: Clean and spirit with fresh stewed rhubarb

Palate: Fresh rhubarb with a hint of tartness and peppery spirit.

Finish:Creamy texture from the potato base spirit, finishing like a fine reposado tequila.

Sip it neat, or combine 1 part Chase Rhubarb with 1 part pressed apple juice, muddle with raspberries and strain, top up with fine English sparkling wine, garnish with fresh rhubarb and a raspberry for a perfect Rhuberry fool.

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